And the cocoon breaks…

A phase of my life ended y’day.

This current phase of inner transformation, where only the inside was my main focus. Where I had retreated deep into myself, cut myself off from the entire world. Made my home, my cave. It all ended y’day.

And I feel nothing.

I feel like yes, this was coming. This was bound to happen. I’ve grown all that my cocoon could help me. I’ve grown enough strength in my wings to be able to break my way out of my cocoon and spread them and see how they’ve turned out to be. I feel ready to enter the world again. There’s neither any trepidation, nor any exuberant joy. Just a calm sense of ‘what needs to happen is happening’.

So what’s happened is that my friend’s business plan has gotten accepted for funding. And in this business plan he’s offering me partnership. So now the break that I was taking from life, ends. And a new journey begins.

The start of an online journey


It’s been some time coming here. But I think I’m here at last.

I’ve been wanting to blog for some time now. How much is some? Let’s say 10 years at a minimum. Tough to be precise about it.

My first stirrings of it were while I was in college. I even made a half assed attempt at it. Even at that time I had a few things I was sure of. One, I wanted it to be as honest as I was capable of being. Two, it should be something worth the reader’s time. I genuinely wanted to have something worth saying for which to take your time for. At that time my journey was about trying to flesh out the details of my understanding of what kind of a man I wanted to grow up to be. Of course, looking back it feels kiddish to me…but that’s only because it was a young boy’s attempt. And as awkward I feel about sharing it out of a fear that this man of today might get judged by the thoughts of the boy of y’day…I’m going to do it. Out of respect for being fully honest here. Check it out –  Old blog.

Which is the perfect time to lay down a few ground rules. Of how I want to approach this.

First and foremost, I want to lay down my intention for this to be as honest a place as I’m capable of being. I might not feel comfortable sharing every facet of my life or my thoughts, but whatever I do share I am going to strive to be as truthful and as naked as possible. Through my journey of life so far, the thoughts of many have touched me, inspired me and helped me keep moving by sharing how and who they were as a fellow human. It’s my wish that if I succeed in touching even one person’s heart, this entire venture would be successful. So for that…I’m telling you that I’ll tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God! 🙂

Second, I’m going to trust you.
I’m going to trust that you understand that I’m doing this out of a desire to be of service to you and to sometimes also just have fun 😉 I’m going to trust that you’re an intelligent, genuine human being, that’s as fascinated, amazed, and confused in equal parts, at this inexplicable thing called life. And so I’m going to drop all formalities and be frank with you. I’m going to trust that you’ll understand that I’m not perfect and will be forgiving of my mistakes. I’m going to trust that if you’re reading this…then in some little way you and I were meant to share this connection…no matter how small. And I’ll promise to keep it genuine.

With that out of the way, I want to broach the topic of why I’m doing this.

I’m doing this because as I’ve gone on my own journey of life so far, what’s inspired and helped me greatly has been to know the honest expressions of several very amazing people. Their baring their lives gave me comfort and the courage of being able to accept mine and embrace it with optimism and clarity. I just feel that I’d like to pay this forward. You be the judge of how well I succeed or fail.

Take care,