The Pitfalls of Knowledge


There are two kinds of Knowledge in this world.

One is information and concept based. It is a way to either know things(facts) about something. Or ways of describing a phenomenon in words – how it unfolds, the dynamics of it.

The second is sacred Knowledge.
Knowledge that goes beyond happenings and events. Knowledge to do with our very Being. Knowledge of the consciousness. Of the Self.

Here facts are useless. What physical descriptions can you use for something subtle?
Here experience is the only guide. Words can also help only to the extent of pointing what has been experienced – encapsulate some aspect of a conscious experience. But how can you catch a flowing river in a glass? Whatever you catch will be a sample and will miss the entire thing. Yet, it is helpful in the beginning. To take someone thirsty closer to the river. Give glimpses.

But true service in this would only be to encourage the person to take a dip in river and immerse themselves in it – to experience it for themselves. Words will only give concepts and ideas in the mind, which cannot quench the thirst. And there exists the danger that after forming the concepts, one can start imagining that they “know” and getting stuck in the knowing never venture to take the journey themselves.

Maybe that is why the language of the Masters is so cryptic. They have to give a pointer…a direction…always being cautious to not hurt the journey of seeker in any way by giving him the false idea that if they know the words, they know the Self.

So subtle is this path. So many are the pitfalls. And yet the journey is enjoyable like no other.

Don’t wait…

Dive in!

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